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Adamas Aerospace is a company that excels in the application of experience and new ideas to a wide variety of subjects ranging from Nation Building , problem solving at the National level and operations primarily in the areas of Security, Intelligence Acquisition, Counterintelligence, Logistics and Special Operations. This wide spectrum can include Physical improvements, enhancing energy solutions, Physical security, Psychological operations assistance, Civil Affairs, and Political Stimulations.

To do this, Adamas maintains organizational expertise on staff or on call for assistance to reduce timelines normally associated with such activities. It also maintains linkages to closely associated Companies that have operated successfully in the areas of concern. Many times Adamas can also assist with arranging financial or political efforts that expedite our operational/instructional capability.

Adamas has world wide intelligence collection capability and the capability to adapt quickly to new collection situations requiring a specific array of sensors and human efforts that are matched directly to solve the problem at hand.

As an example, the issue of persistant surveillance has been a continuing problem that has required the expenditure of funds putting much of it out of reach of a developing country. Our solution to this situation has been the employment of airships with a long linger capability , and Aerostats where an even longer duration intelligence input is required. The use of these vehicles are not task specific, but can carry sensor packages tailored to meet the situation at hand. The integration of the sensor products into the existing country structure is another capability of Adamas. The cost of these items are well below other assets providing surveillance, for example the popular UAV. Adamas can provide UAVs when a different situation requires them, and integrate their product as well.

These airships/aerostats have a history of varied applications, ranging from Defense, Police, border security, assistance with large crowd applications such as advertising, poacher, and pirate control. They have been used at the Olympic games in Greece. Because of the linger capability they can increase the effectiveness of electronic Warfare, and Cyber warfare, again, with a tailored sensor package. In Afghanistan they have been used in the counter IED campaign with success when using an appropriately tailored sensor package.

One of the Adamas specialities is HUMINT. Atmospherics and clandestine action can be expedited by our airships.

Adamus is interested in helping YOU, and has the capability and expertise to do the job in the most efficient cost effective manner. We also have the capability to help with the most esoteric situations requiring imagination and translation into ACTION.

Download : Performance Audit of Department of Defense Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance .

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